Christmas 2018
Hobby motorhome wheel arch left / right, type 600 / 650 line D

Item number: H-14030500996-nicht mehr lieferbar

Category: Chassis + wheel

Price on application
item not available

Delivery status: Not available anymore

Hobby motorhome wheel arch GFK left / right, type 600 / 650 line D

Used on the models 600 + 650 in the model years 1999 - 2003

With paint defects.

List price: 396,60 €

Important notes:
  • Original spare parts are supplied without installation instructions and mounting materials, as these parts are intended for an installation in a workshop.
  • Please be aware that the following informations: Used from ..... to, do not always apply for all vehicles of a specific model year.
    If you can’t identify an article based on the pictures, then please send a request, with your chassis number (vehicle identification no.) enclosed, to the sparepart support .
  • If you want to order the following articles, please always submit your chassis number (vehicle identification no.) during the order process.
    Windows, bumpers, brake pads, rims, shock dampers, voltage transformers, lighting control systems, cutlery drawers, carpets.
    No shipping without the vehicle identification no. ! ! !
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