Hobby side window 1090 x 510 mm *Polyplastic*

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Category: Hinged windows

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Sale only for specialised caravan shops 

Since the window producer Parapress does no longer fabricate windows, Hobby asked the new producer Polyplastic to supply new windows. 

The problem with these new windows is that the rubber seal, the mounting rail, the latches and window stays need also to be changed.

This mounting has been examined and tested by our technicians. They determined that it is only possible with the relevant knowledge.

So if you need such a window, please contact a caravan specialist nearby and ask them to contact us with the chassis number of your caravan.
We only deliver directly to the garage without any exceptions.

Scope of delivery: Window, window sealing rubber, white inner lining strip, window stays, latches, sealing plates in the required number.
All articles are made by "Polyplastic". The window sealant needs also to be replaced, because the tightness is only ensured with the new sealing rubber.

Complete window with latches and windows stays

Hinged side window for Hobby caravan

Cutout measures / Aperture: 1090 x 510 mm

Outer window size: width: 1220 mm + height: 600 mm

Used from Hobby in:

  • model years from 2009 - 2015
  • model years 2014 + 2015 only in Landhaus

Important notes:
  • Original spare parts are supplied without installation instructions and mounting materials, as these parts are intended for an installation in a workshop.
  • Please be aware that the following informations: Used from ..... to, do not always apply for all vehicles of a specific model year.
    If you can’t identify an article based on the pictures, then please send a request, with your chassis number (vehicle identification no.) enclosed, to the sparepart support .
  • If you want to order the following articles, please always submit your chassis number (vehicle identification no.) during the order process.
    Windows, bumpers, brake pads, rims, shock dampers, voltage transformers, lighting control systems, cutlery drawers, carpets.
    No shipping without the vehicle identification no. ! ! !

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