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Locking cylinders/barrels

Item number: F-H-Zylinder

Category: Gas storage

19,90 €

including†19% VAT. , plus shipping

100 In stock

Locking cylinders/barrels

Why†we have to act this way:

Our partners Hobby and Fendt have expressed great concerns†in regards to many vehicle thefts that both keys and locking cylinders/barrels can be ordered without some kind of†verification through our shop page. For this reason, we will from now on only sell them with corresponding verification. Please understand that we can not make any exceptions in this regard.

Locking cylinders/barrels†can currently only be ordered by email.

Please insert the following information to your inquiry:
  • a picture of your†key†
    (the key number must be clearly recognizable)†
  • a picture of your caravan papers
    (the vehicle identification number/chassis number must be legible)†

Availability on request.

Price: 19,90 €/pce.

If you only want to order the locking cylinder/barrel, please follow the steps below:

If you want us to add†a†locking†cylinder/barrel†to an existing order, please follow the steps below:

  • place the order of all the other parts with payment via bank transfer
    (only then will we be able to change the order manually)
  • note in the free-text field that you also need a†locking cylinder/barrel†(last ordering step)
  • send us an email with the requested information
    (together with your order number)†

The payment method can be changed afterwards only†to PayPal. Payment methods like credit card or†purchase on account†are not available in this case because of the new data protection regulations.

Item description:
Locking cylinders/barrels†for all original entrance doors and service flaps on Hobby- and Fendt caravans and motorhomes.


  • Hobby since the model year†1994
  • Fendt†since the model year†1998
  • older models on request

Please note:
The locking cylinder/barrel is only the small part†(about 2 cm long), in which the key is inserted and turns.†
It is†not the entire metal interior life with the flattened metal part. This is only the cylinder/barrel sleeve. It is part of the lock and not available separately.

You can find an instruction for dismantling and new assembly of locking clinders/barrels in the section FAQ.

Important notes:
  • Original spare parts are supplied without installation instructions and mounting materials, as these parts are intended for an installation in a workshop.
  • Please be aware that the following informations: Used from ..... to, do not always apply for all vehicles of a specific model year.
    If you canít identify an article based on the pictures, then please send a request, with your chassis number (vehicle identification no.) enclosed, to the sparepart support .
  • If you want to order the following articles, please always submit your chassis number (vehicle identification no.) during the order process.
    Windows, bumpers, brake pads, rims, shock dampers, voltage transformers, lighting control systems, cutlery drawers, carpets.
    No shipping without the vehicle identification no. ! ! !