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Opening-mechanism for REMItop Vario 1, roof light 40 x 40 cm 10021829 model 2007 - no longer available

Item number: Z-206/807

Opening-mechanism for REMItop Vario 1, roof light 40 x 40 cm 10021829 model 2007

Category: Remitop Vario 1

Price on application
item not available

Important Note:
Original spare parts are supplied without installation instructions and mounting materials, as these parts are intended for an installation in a workshop.


No longer available. No longer produced.

As replacement we offer a new roof light without gear : Mini-Heki plus

It was used in all Hobby caravans from 2007, which got a large roof-light with a cutout measure of 400 x 400 mm from Remis.

Only for roof hoods with† 2 put-up hinges.

Complete mechanism with crank-gear.

An repair manual is included.

Remis Part No. 10021829.

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