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*Reproduction* Hobby external corner-washbasin (32)

Item number: H-5600030097-999944-001

Category: Water supply

199,31 €

including†19% VAT., plus shipping

87 piece In stock

Shipping time: 2 - 5 workdays


Important Note:
Original spare parts are supplied without installation instructions and mounting materials, as these parts are intended for an installation in a workshop.


This wash basin will be reproduced.

Unfortunately, we can't confirm a delivery date yet.

Hobby external washbasin


  • in caravans from 1997 - 2000
  • only KMFe, UMFe, SFe vehicles

Note: It is not identical with the external basin†in motorhomes.


Since the washbasin with the articel no. 5600040097 for Hobby motorhomes†is not available anymore†this basin can be used as a replacement (a few changes will have to be made for the installation):

  • Model SFe, SMF, FSe and FMSe from 1997 - 2002
  • external washbasin as you can see on the picture
  • you need to cut off the deepening for the tooth mug, for about 4 - 5 cm, at the left end.

Matching drain valve:

To replace the washbasin, you have to demount the mirror as well.

A hole for mounting the drain is available.

Important Note:

  • this article is factory-made from Fendt Caravan no longer available

  • the reproduced parts are based on the original spares and are made with the deep-drawing processes method

  • Fendt Caravan has given us, Campingmarkt GmbH,†permission for a reproducting.

  • As we don\'t have the original forms there may appear some light differences in the form.

Production and sale : Campingmarkt GmbH / 38644 Goslar / Alte Heerstr. 18

Important notes:

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