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Spare Parts Support

We invest for you in telecommunication and faster data connections.

For this reason, we won't be available by phone from the 25th to the 27th of November 2019.

There may be problems on November 25th with our email support and the shipping of parts because of the setup of a new VDSL connection.

We therefore ask for your understanding.

Delivery to the UK

Dear customers, dear campers,

In case that the Brexit negotiations should not result in another exit date other than March 29th 2019,

you will still be able to place orders in our online shop for items that are in stock until March 05th 2019.

Already ordered items that are not available will not be shipped after March 15th 2019.

Payments that we already received in advance will then be refunded.

What do we not deliver?

  • Retrofitted slatted frames for single beds in Fendt or Hobby vehicles
  • Exterior decals for Hobby motor homes
  • Inner decor plates
  • Styrofoam isolation plates
  • Chassis parts or axis for Hobby and Fendt caravan
  • Complete spare wheels
  • Cushions or salaries for the sitting group
  • Curtains
  • Electrolux Dometic- and Thetford refrigerator spare parts that are not listed in our online shop

Written spare part querys:

The eMail needs to contain the following information:
  • Vehicle identification number ( VIN )
  • Your telephone number
  • If possible - pictures of the needed parts
  • And of course, what you're looking for... :-)

Contact: [email protected]

Important new privacy information for phone orders !

Due to the latest European data protection regulations, we are not allowed to create
a customer account for you without a written consent filled out and signed by you.
This also means that we cannot set up orders for you without an existing customer
account which you created beforehand.

You can sign up here.

Mr. Casten


  • Mon - Fri : 10:00 am - 00:30 pm
    01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

Telephone: 0049 5321-388 15 61

  • spare parts sale
  • reclamation of damages on package or goods
  • inquiry of stockage
  • inquiry of overdue sendings

WhatsApp queries: 0049 5321-388 15 61

Calls by whatsapp can't be taken!